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DSTARINFO.com is a privately run website with one or two people supporting it. Don't expect quick replies, it may be a few days, or few weeks before we can respond, regrettably work comes before D-STAR.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are wanting information on registration, we don't have any control over it. You can check the status at dstar.info/query.html We cannot contact any repeater owner for you, nor can we escalate any process. We won't be replying to "Am I Registered" questions   

Let me remind you that you DO NOT HAVE to be registered to talk on D-STAR. Buy a new radio, use DR mode to select the nearest repeater and you can be on the air today. No registration required.

You DO have to be registered to request a repeater to link to other locations and you have to be registered to access D-STAR from the Internet (using devices such as the DVAP, DVMega or one of the many other hotspot type devices).

Registration is a 3 step process ( check dstargateway.org for instructions) and not all repeaters accept or process registrations. And yes, some administrators may not approve you quickly, or at all. If you have bought a new radio, check with your dealer, they may be able to help you though the process. 


Repeaters can be updated by the repeater administrator at www.DSTARInfo.com/update


Please read the following FAQ before sending a message D-STAR FAQ

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