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Downloads, it's a long subject, but here's hopefully the simple version.

The oldest radios ID-2200, ID-92, IC-2820 don't support importing into their versions of the Icom software.

The older radios ID-92, ID-9100 don't well support DR Mode, so you should use the Icom software and import standard DV Memories downloads

The newer radios,  ID-80, ID-880, ID-31, ID-51, ID-7100 support DR Mode and you should use the Icom Software and import the Repeater List.

The newest radios, ID-51+ and ID-5100 support DR mode and CSV Import from the radios. You can use the Icom software and import the Repeater List or place the Repeater list on a SD card and import directly into the radio.

Once you start to understand the basics, you can actually import a variety of different files into different radios for different purposes, but to start with, stick with the basics above.


Icom Software Import Files

Repeater List Downloads

Memory, Your Call Downloads

Localized Memory Downloads

DVAP Memories


Repeater List Choices

We've got a number of different ways that you can acces the information in the DSTARInfo Repeater Database.

Table View by Region

Repeater Maps (by Region, Country, or State as well as the all repeaters nearest a specific location)

Importable Repeater Lists - Lists of repeater in a format friendly to importing into programming software

Beta Importable Repeater Lists - Lists of repeater in a format friendly to importing into programming software - Supports FM Repeaters in ID-5100


Regions as used at the DSTARInfo site

D-STAR Regions