DSTARInfo has implemented a consolidated naming structure for D-RATS ratflectors to make it easier to enter and remember ratflectors.

Remember, that when you enter in a ratflector, you should:

  • Enter the NAME of your choosing
  • Change the TYPE to NETWORK
  • Use the Address (Host Address) below as the HOST ADDRESS
  • Leave the PORT at 9000 or as indicated below
  • Leave the PASSWORD blank

There's absolutely no requirement to change any existing entries. They should continue to work.

If there are any additions/corrections/requests for the list, please use either Contact Us or send email to Info@DSTARInfo.com

D-RATS (Legacy) for PC

D-RATS (New Beta 0.3.9)

D-RATS (New Beta 0.3.9 x64)

The D-RATS download is for a 32 bit Windows operating system. If your Windows operating system is 64 bits, you must install a 64 bit version of lzhuf_1.exe in your Program Files\D-RATS\libexec folder. The 64 bit version is 30K big while the 32 bit version is 29K.


 NOTE: If using OneDrive's backup "Important PC Folders" it changes the path to the default desktop location from c:\users\username\Desktop to c:\users\username\OneDrive\Desktop. If enabled, this will keep OneDrive from loading. To remediate the issue:

  • Create Desktop folder in c:\users\username\OneDrive\
  • Start D-RATS
  • Change the File-Preferences-Paths-Fle Trasnfer Path to c:\users\username\OneDrive\Desktop (or any other location)
  • Close D-RATS
  • Remove the directory created
  • Restart D-RATS

Here's an awesome Getting Started with D-RATS by John, WB4QDX (One of our Webmasters)


SE Hurricane Net

Hurricane Net Forms 


D-RATS Ratflector List