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ID-51 Anniversary Edition Radio is now Shipping and we've added support for downloads for the radio. Head over to Repeater Downloads to update the D-STAR database and add a lot more FM repeaters to the radio!

The D-STAR QSO Party is now in the log books. There are a lot of people waiting to see how well they did and if they are going to get one of the new Anniversary Edition ID-51A radios.

WB4QDX just added a great article on programming a newer radio for use with a DVAP 

We've refreshed the FM Repeater database and now added support for Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Canada, and Mexico.

We also have UK FM Repeater support courtesy of the RSGB

Updated ID-51 Anniversary Edition!

  • Faster Data Transfer in DV Mode (Three Times Faster (approx.))
  • RS-MS1A Android™ Application (Optional OPC-2350LU cable required)
  • Long Antenna Supplied for Optimal Receive Performance
  • Enhanced D-PRS Functions
  • DV and FM Repeater Search Function
  • Long Antenna Supplied for Optimal Receive Performance
  • Additional Dplus Reflector Link Commands

 Check out the Icom website for more details.



 Dayton Presentations Posted at DSTARInfoCon 2014














SE Hurricane Net

Hurricane Net Forms (Right Click to Download form)

New Downloads

Includes FM repeaters for US
D-STAR Repeater Downloads Updated

** IC-5100 Support Added **

For New ID-51 / 31 Users

D-STARInfo ID-51 Quick-Start Guide

Repeater owners or administrator may update their information
at www.DSTARInfo.com/update.


  DVAP DVAPTool 1.04
  DVDongle DVTool-2.0beta5 

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  D-RATS 0.3.3

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