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WX4NHC Annual Test Event - Saturday May 27th

D-STAR will be participating in the National Hurricane Center's annual test on Saturday. We will be taking check-ins on REF030B, REF030C, an on D-RATS at sewx.ratflector.com.

The nets will start at 10AM EDT and run for about an hour.

For D-RATS check-ins, use the Hurricane Net form and set destination station to NCS

For Voice check-ins, use the format below (with your station data)

Hurricane: Zulu
Reporting Station: WA4YIH
Geographic Location: Buford, GA
Latitude: 32.42641   Longitude: -80.77981
Date: May 27 2017   Time: 10:21:00 Local or GMT
Wind Speed: 5 mph   Measurement: Estimated or Measured
Wind Gust: 10 mph
Wind Direction: 230
Barometric Pressure: 10.10 in Hg
Operator Name: Ed




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