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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are wanting information on registration, we don't have any control over it. You can check the status at Registration Check We cannot contact any repeater owner for you, nor can we escalate any process. We won't be replying to "Am I Registered" questions   

Let me remind you that you DO NOT HAVE to be registered to talk on D-STAR. Buy a new radio, use DR mode to select the nearest repeater and you can be on the air today. No registration required.

You DO have to be registered to request a repeater to link to other locations and you have to be registered to access D-STAR from the Internet (using devices such as the DVAP, DVMega or one of the many other hotspot type devices).

Registration is a 3 step process ( check for instructions) and not all repeaters accept or process registrations. And yes, some administrators may not approve you quickly, or at all. If you have bought a new radio, check with your dealer, they may be able to help you though the process. 


Repeaters can be updated by the repeater administrator at


Please read the following FAQ before sending a message D-STAR FAQ


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