DV Pro Windows Application

DV Pro

Do You:

  • Get upset when you look at your radio to see who called you, only to see the call sign rolling off of the screen?
  • Look for who's calling you, but can't see the radio's screen because the text is too small or there's too much glare on the screen
  • Perform as a D-STAR Net Control Operator who has to write down the call signs of people who check into your net?
  • Want to see a list of users who have been on your reflector/repeater?
  • Hate it when people don't put their name in their Note field or Message?

Then the DV Pro may help you.

Currently DV Pro works with the ID-51 Anniversary Edition, the ID-51+. ID-7100 and the ID-5100 (using Bluetooth or the SPKR2 jack). We're working on supporting more models, so stay tuned for more information.

DV Pro is currently available as a Preview. We want to get your input into features and functionality. A Yahoo Group has been setup to support the application. Please let us know how the application is working for you. https://groups.yahoo.com/dvpro

Preliminary DV Pro Instructions

DV Pro Downloads


Thanks, Ed WA4YIH