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Reflector 30

After hurricane Irma came through and showed us that our choice of locations of locations for Reflector 30 wasn't the best, we decided to move it. Reflector 30 has been moved to Amazon Web Service and will hopefully have much greater reliability. The disadvantage is that we have to pay for it now. Georgia D-STAR sponsors REF030 and we're accepting donations to help keep it on the air. If you'd like to support REF030 and the other activities that Georgia D-STAR provides, hit the Donate Now button and help us out. You can also go to http://www.paypal.me/GeorgiaDSTAR  Your help will be appreciated



Recently someone brought up that the UK FM repeaters weren't working. I think that I've found the problem. Let me know.



D-STAR Registration

 Announced at the Hunstville Hamfest, a new registration process is available to all. The new solution promises to approve registrations within one or two days and is open to everyone, everywhere. For the instructions on how to register, as always, head to www.DSTARGateway.org

To register you can go directly to the new site, Registration.DSTARGateway.org

8/18 - The instructions at www.DSTARGateway.org have not been updated yet, expect an update in a few days.

Icom Repeater Deal

Want a great deal on a D-STAR Repeater? Icom will be posting on their site this week (8/19) a new deal for how to get your club, a repeater for free!

Kenwood D-STAR Anniversary

It was one year ago at the Huntsville Hamfest that the first TH-D74 was shown. 



D-STAR Live! Your D-STAR questions answered

 For more information check out D-STAR Live!

Final YouTube links now posted. You can now watch the videos.


Thanks to Horacio - LU1BJW for the following translations

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