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Localized Memory Channels

Up until now, to program your radio with your local repeaters wasn't the easiest thing to do. You had to learn what the UR, RPT1, and RPT2 were. Hopefully the DSTARInfo Calculator made this a little easier.

Now, D-STARInfo brings you the ability to create semi-customized memory listings for your specific QTH!

Basically, all you do is enter your location, anywhere in the world, the radio that you have, the file format, and your favorire Reflectors, and DSTARInfo creates a file just fo you. It includes the following:

  • Basic Repeater Operation Channel
  • Echo Test
  • Repeater Status Request
  • Repeater Unlink
  • Favorite Reflector 1 Link
  • Favorite Reflector 2 Link
  • Favorite Reflector 3 Link

All you need to do is to import it into the Icom software for your radio.


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Memory Lists