D-STAR Administration Groups

There are numerous D-STAR forums, but there are two forums that all administrators should join.

D-STAR System Announcements

The D-STAR System Announcements group is a private Yahoo Group that is dedicated to announcements of interest to D-STAR administrators. This group has recently move to a moderated format for messages to reduce the number of messages to the forum. All administrators that are attached to the North American Trust Server should join this group.

When joining the group, please make sure that you include your full name and the system for which you are an administrator.

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D-STAR Gateway Discussions

The D-STAR Gateway discussions group is for D-STAR administrators to communicate with each other. This forum will have more messages than the System Announcements group. This group contains a lot of good information on how to operate your system once you have connected to the Internet.

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Other Administrator Forums

Southeastern US D-STAR Administrators

This group was created for administrators in the Southeastern portion of the US. The focus of this group is to promote coordination between systems in the Southeast, particularly those often impacted by hurricanes.

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