International DSTAR HF Testing Net

Use your ICOM 9100/7100, STAR Boarded non DSTAR HF, or the DSTAR box from NC.

We routinely have two way communications coast to coast and North to South, South to Canada. We have had two way contacts to Europe and Japan. And have been heard in South Africa.
We are on each band only for 5 min. or so as to spend less time, if the band is dead we move on earlier. You can go back to a good freq after the net. MONITOR REF030C to coordinate. WE may need to move early or if the freq is busy. We also use a web page to keep track of who and where we are at - http://hf.dstar-relay.net/You also can check-in to this web site anytime 24/7 to find a DSTAR HF Ham to talk to.

We will have a PreNet for 30m before the start of the scheduled time. This PreNet is for "Free Form" contacts. One should check the web site http://hf.dstar-relay.net sign in and find a working frequency to work on. When the net starts at the scheduled time, please join the net and follow the frequencies.


(See the D-STAR Nets listing (http://www.dstarinfo.com/nets.aspx ) for the current UTC times. All times are Eastern USA Local)

Saturday 7:00PM ET
Sunday 10:00AM ET (Spend more time on each band open band and start on 80M)
Sunday 7:00PM ET

Check USB/LSB on frequency to make sure the freq is clear.

(Sunday morning starts at 80M)
h:00 - h:05 6M 51.180 DV for 5 mins
h:05 - h:10 10M 29.480 DV for 5 mins
h:10 - h:15 12M 24.938 DV for 5 mins
h:15 - h:20 15M 21.380 DV for 5 mins
h:20 - h:25 17M 18.148 DV for 5 mins
h:25 - h:30 20M 14.280 DV for 5 mins
h:30 - h:35 40M 7.285(or another open freq) DV for 5 mins THIS ALSO APPEARS TO BE AN AM FREQ
h:35 - h:40 75M 3.880 DV for 5 mins THIS ALSO APPEARS TO BE AN AM FREQ

See how to do DSTAR HF with an ICOM at-   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGF-qkdoid4

For more information, contact Kent, KQ4KK