Connecting Everything

Each of the radio modules connect to the controller with the supplied power cords. Each of the radio modules also connects to the controller into one of the adjacent 4 ports with the supplied RJ-45 cable. The jack that the module is plugged into is set when the controller is programmed. Once set, you should label the connectors to make sure they get plugged back into the appropriate socket.

The radios and duplexers get connected as you would a standard FM repeater. Make sure that the transmitter and receiver are each connected to the appropriate duplexer connector.

The front of the controller has a connector label 10 BASE-T. This is the Ethernet connector that gets connected to the gateway computer

The two service ports and the Assist switches are used only with the microwave link, therefore they are normally not utilized.

The controller gets connected to the Eth0 port on the gateway computer. This is the 172.16.0.X subnet that supports Gateway to controller connectivity. No other devices get connected to this network. A straight through Ethernet cable is normally utilized.